I believe in love above all.  I am a lover of actual printed books, and live in constant pursuit of the perfect phrase.  I read while I dry my hair, put on makeup, to fall asleep at night, and every other chance I get.


I've memorized my 

library card number, but can never remember my credit card one. I would rather be out of food in my house than out of reading material.


I often think about my life as if I were a character in a novel that is unfolding before me.  I think about how I "read" and it makes me want to behave better than I might otherwise.


I believe that my story is part of the larger one being written.


I met my husband in college and we ran into each other again a few years later when he showed up at the Outback Steakhouse where I was working.

We got engaged seven weeks after our first date.


Mike started an aesthetic laser company in 2010

that took us to Italy occasionally, where we always made time for great coffee, wine and sightseeing.


We have a son and a daughter, and together we enjoy all that life near the Colorado mountains has to offer.

I am a 500-hour Master Yoga Instructor and 

co-lead a Yoga + Bible Study group at my local church, along with teaching classes there.


I see everyone's life as a story and stories should be told well.  This is my attempt to capture some of ours.


First date night in 2 months and we are


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