Wake Up!

"Wake up! Strengthen what is left, or it will die. You have not done all that my God wants

you to do."

~Revelation 3:2, New International Reader's Version

It is time to wake up from our electronic stupor and get back to kingdom work. There are lonely, hungry, hurting people in the world. We have not "done all that God wants," because we have been lulled into a trance by the blue light of ubiquitous screeens. People go out to restaurants and sit at the same table, each tapping away at their own devices. What if the person across the table needs your full attention to trust you will be listening when they share something important? Telling your followers what you are doing has become more important than being fully present and engaged while you are doing it.

The enemy is having his way out there right now, taking advantage of our constant distraction while we browse social media and look at new ways to decorate the entryway or cook chicken. Wasting our lives on gossip, entertainment news and constant comfort, doing nothing to feed someone who is hungry, to clothe someone who is cold, to give hope to a lost soul, cannot have been the purpose for my life or yours. No one was put on the planet to play the most Minecraft or have the most Twitter followers, to watch endless videos of cute cats or kids who've just come from the dentist and haven't come out of the nitrous fog.

There has to be more we should be doing, right? Can we resist the pull of our screens long enough to do someting significant?

Last winter, I attended the Writers on the Rock Conference, and met other published and aspiring Christian writers. I talked about a book I was starting to write called In This Family. Haven't heard of it? That's because I didn't finish it--a common theme with me and my big ideas.

There is so much work to do and we are missing it. I'm not sure what God's calling me to next--a book, a ministry, more writing, volunteering--but I need to get off Facebook long enough to find out. Once inspired, I need to follow through and do something that matters.

Wake up, friends! Let's get to work.