Abundance for His Daughters

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights (the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens)…” ~James 1:17

In a room of more than one thousand women, chances are you saw someone on stage or in the crowd this weekend that caused you to feel less gifted than you really are. A woman who was so put together, so obviously full of purpose, so blessed, that you couldn’t help but feel envious of God’s favor on her. This spirit of competition is not only a danger to your confidence and self-worth, but it can keep you from seeing all that God has done and has planned for you.

God’s gifts are abundant, never-ending, and always good. He does not discriminate among His daughters, but “gives to everyone generously.” (James 1:5)

As I sat with a group of about twenty Christian women recently, we were going around the circle and sharing big dreams that each of us has. Some of the dreams overlapped, often quite a bit. As each woman spoke her dream aloud, I thought how sad it would be if only the first woman to speak a dream was the one who got it. If I started and said I was writing a book, does that mean there is no room for another author in the group?

We live in a society that constantly wants to label someone the best, the most, the favorite. This happens in families a lot, too. We label someone the Pretty One, the Smart One, the Quiet One, the Creative One, the Dreamer. What do the youngest kids in big families have left over to be? Can there be two Smart Ones?

How about in the church? In a room of a thousand women, dreams and talents overlap in countless ways. If you write a book, that doesn’t mean I won’t ever write one—it is a reminder that books are still being written and the magic of creative inspiration is still happening.

Generations from now, God will continue to bless his daughters with talents that are on display today. There will be actresses and poets, ballerinas and painters, writers and musicians.

We don’t designate a chair in the church and claim it for the one woman who speaks or the one woman who writes or the one woman who sings, and if someone beat you to that chair then you have to wait till she moves to use your gift.

ARISE, daughter. Create a space to write, sing, speak, paint, cook, or dance, and, do it all for the glory of the One who continues to give abundantly.