The Audacity of Bloggers

If I were following the unofficial code of blog writers, this post would be all about how I haven’t posted for so long (5 months) and explaining all the reasons that I have just been too busy to write (work, family, business ownership, life). But all of that, “I know, it’s been so long since I’ve posted so I’m finally writing for YOU…” is ego fuel for those of us who believe one of our gifts is writing and that you are on stand-by, waiting for our next post to enrich your life.

I’d like to believe that too, except it’s pretty absurd. Writers usually have a very fragile ego when it comes to their writing. We take great pride in creating the perfect sentence, paragraph and so on, but are nearly apoplectic (big, fun word that means indignant) when it comes to criticism. And the ultimate fear isn’t criticism, which reveals that our writing at least found an audience. The big awful is that no one reads you. That you write and crickets chirp.

Speaking of ego, this post has the word “I” in almost every sentence, until I place myself in a tribe and start saying “we.” Audacity equals arrogance, an exaggerated self-opinion, and I think I’ve got that covered in this little piece of writing.