When I sat down with my Bible and brand-new journal last week to ask God what we were up to this year, the word I got was "SEEK." I went to the concordance in the back of my Bible and found all the verses that contained the word, and the words of Psalm 105:4 resonated with me the most. It's so simple and yet so profound for a busy wife and mom of teenagers to be reminded to "Look to the Lord and his strength;" to "seek his face always."

I am constantly distracted and look to everything from my phone to my calendar to the TV to the book I'm reading to the road in front of me on one of my dozens of trips down the highway each week. Days go by and I feel disconnected from my power supply, my source of strength and peace.

The Amplified version of the Bible, usually richer in language and more representative of the Hebrew or Greek in which a verse was originally written translates Psalm 105:4 like this:

"Seek and deeply long for the LORD and His strength [His power, His might];

Seek and deeply long for HIs face and His presence continually."

Last week, I was able to resign from my marketing job, and tonight I begin a 500-hour Masters Holy Yoga Instructor training program. Thank you, Lord, for calling me to seek more of you, and blessing me with more time to do it.